Saturday, 15 June 2013

Darling Harbour: Family adventures

When we have Ella on the weekends we like to explore and have fun. Sometimes it happens and other days we end up having plain old lazy weekends.

We decided to head back into the city last weekend with the family in tow and we explored the new playground and the Vivid lights. We planned on taking the ferry back to Circular Quay but the line was crazy long and after waiting well past its estimated arrival, it was full and we would have had to wait for the next one. In the end it was a blessing and we found fireworks and a fun playcentre that we wouldn't have seen if we had have made the ferry.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day Out to Sydney Habour and the Vivid lights

A few weeks ago Regan and I ventured out on the opportunity of a lifetime, a second honeymoon. We had not spent even one night away from Noah in his life and we left for 9 nights of bliss on a cruise ship headed toward the Pacific Islands. Before leaving I had great anxiety, how would Noah cope? How would I cope? How would my Mum cope? I typed out pages and pages of information about Noah and our home so my Mum would have an easier time navigating Noah's moods and our dodgy oven.

Our trip turned out to be absolutely amazing. It was peppered with small bouts of worry about Noah but when I got home all was well. Noah had only cried twice for us and in fact I think it ended up being a lovely time for them too. I

When we got back to our rambunctious little one we decided to take a midweek trip into the city with Noah to see the art museum and the Vivid Lights in Sydney Habour. It was such a great day and we have now promised Ella to go again as a family this Saturday.

To be honest, Noah probably slept through most of the museum but when it came to the light ... well his eyes grew wide and his joy became tangible.