Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Phillips Family

Steph, Darren, Bijou and Remy ... They make an unbelievable team.

When I first met Steph, She gave me the most beautiful bunch of fragrant pink blossoms which have given me joy everyday since. Steph blogs over at This Brown Wren and if you have had the opportunity to know her either in person or 'virtually' then you will know that she is both talented and generous in equal parts.

Guiding her children in play and discovery, she is mindful in all that she does and it shows in the relationship that their family shares.

You may notice that some of the locations are the same as my previous session and that is because both the Phillips and the Davis's were travelling interstate and had a tight schedule. We wanted a chance to meet so we decided that we would shoot on the same day at the same location as the glowing sun hovered fleetingly above the horizon.


  1. That blue tree is awesome - as are these photos. I love your style :)

  2. Oh beautiful Ellen these are just stunning! WHat a wonderful time we had with you and we will treasure these images forever. SO, so beautiful. THANK-YOU!! :) xx

  3. These are really so beautiful Ellen:) You capture Steph and her gorgeous family perfectly, naturally and happily. x

  4. love these, especially the blue tree of course xo