Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kayla and Michael: Engagement Shoot, Wollongong

I am a sucker for romance.

There is just something about that moment before jumping into the glorious unknown. something fun, scary, intoxicating. These two have decided to take the ultimate plunge into marriage and with the joy that can be seen within these images, I'm sure they will have a wonderful and fun marriage.

On the day of the shoot I looked at the weather forecast and it was less than promising. With storms on the horizon and with trepidation and an umbrella we braved the outdoors. To our delight and surprise, all that we  encountered were overcast skies and a light sprinkling of rain which can actually be seen in some of the images with the light shining through.

I must say that we had so much fun shooting that day and that we all laughed so hard.

Kayla and Michael met through church and eventually found a friend, love and eternal companion in each other.

This is love...


  1. They are gorgeous and THESE are gorgeous! Well done, Ellen xo

  2. Gorgeous shoot Ellen. Love the shots with the horse a lot!

  3. so much love coming from these two, the handful of rain shots are definitely my fave :) x

  4. these are so amazing, especially the rain and the horses. awesome work x

  5. These photos are just beautiful. I love where it's shot - looks like an enchanted forest.

  6. They look perfect together! I have to find a place like this for my photoshoot. My wedding is in a few months in one of the San Francisco venues and we do know some places like this around but I am not sure if I will be able to find a photographer like this here. Oh! wish me luck.