Thursday, 7 March 2013

The cutting of the goldimullet

Noah has the most beautiful blonde curls that had been untouched by scissors ... until the other week. 

His hair had become less cute and more mullety and I finally had to bite the bullet and we took him to a hair dresser to cut off his goldilocks.

As they went to make the first cut I found my breathing got a little faster, as did my heartbeat. This signified more than just the first cutting of hair but brought home that he is no longer my baby. I mean he will always be my 'baby' but a real baby.

This baby is a toddler and since his new hairdo I think this kid is gonna be a heart breaker!!

Can I also just say that although I never ever usually give him lollipops that they worked amazingly! He calmed down instantly and it stopped him from moving and potentially slicing his ear off so I was happy.


  1. Thanks Elle for posting those
    I'm missing you all in Sydney - feel a trip coming on!
    Beautiful boy :)

  2. Aw, his little golden curls are just too perfect! What great pictures to document, and what a little cutie ;)
    xo TJ