Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kushla Chadwick: A Website Redesign

Months ago I was asked by a good friend and business woman Kushla, to spend a day shooting photos for her website redesign.

She is a mentor to entrepreneurs and a great public speaker and she wanted photos to reflect her personality and image. I think you could sum her up in one word, BUBBLY.

I helped to style the shoot and we planned around her vision for the day. We had such a blast and Kushla has the most infectious smile so it was so easy to get the images that she wanted.

If you want to see her new website you can go here.


  1. That is one happy, bubbly, radiant lady! Love it.

  2. these are great! the bicycle makes the perfect prop x

  3. These photos are brilliant, they're so alive! I love the bicycle as a prop - the second photo is definitely my favourite.