Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kangaroo Island Christmas: Part Two

Our trip could be summed up in one word ... Abundant.

An abundance of food, laughter, love, and fun was available to us at all times.

There is nothing better than watching young (and even some old) kids anticipate the moment of ripping open their presents on Christmas morning.

I baked sugar cookies for the kids and allowed them to go nuts in decorating them which meant covering every square inch in icing and lollies. The care that they took in decorating was fascinating and surprising. I expected to see reckless abandon in their creations but they really took their time and care.

One of the highlights was visiting Paul's Place which was a wildlife sanctuary. It was more hands on than any other wildlife park I have ever been to and is no different to when I visited over 7 years ago. I highly recommend it as Paul is a fantastic and charming host.

The beaches near our accommodation were all stunning and some of the best I have ever seen. We were constantly in aw of the gorgeous white sand and the clear blue reflection of the sky.

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  1. beautiful captures, ellen, some really stunning, special moments between the grandparents and little ones, warms the heart. how special for you all to be together to celebrate christmas. lots of happy, happy faces! :) x

  2. Ellen these are wonderful photos, you've captured some really special moments there it really sounds like a special Christmas you had. Love the star iced biscuit, so full of thought and very creative. xx

  3. how wonderful! I especially love the present opening scenes. christmas + family, really lovely.