Saturday, 12 January 2013

Granny Smylie and a little friend

This is my Granny Smylie. Jane Lillie Smylie.

She is my Mother's Mother and she hails from the North of Ireland but lives in Adelaide and we made sure that she had some quality time with us but most importantly with her great grandson, Noah.

Although she has lived in Australia for a large majority of her life, a strong Irish lilt fills the air like a melody and stories of her youth are free and flowing.

Like my Nana Soininen, she was smitten with the little man! So much so that he ended up indulging in a majority of her blackforest cake. I loved seeing two very important people in my life connect with each other. 

Of course all photos with me in them were taken by my love, Regan.


  1. Love these photos Ellen! Love your Granny!

  2. these are beautiful, ellen. you captured mum so very well. thank you.
    love you.

  3. Gorgeous photos Ellen. So, so nice. Thanks for sharing with us! We've got to get over there so Granny can meet our brood. The ocean is too big!

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful people. Thanks for sharing Ellen!

  5. oh I love your granny! ellen, these photos are so beautiful - not just because of your talent, but because of what is going on IN them. there is just something so magical about elderly people, isn't there?! my fave is granny lifting her eyebrows at noah in the highchair :) x