Monday, 12 November 2012

Visiting my old stomping grounds: Adelaide, a meeting of two souls

On Friday I boarded a plane bound for Adelaide with Noah, my camera bag, laptop bag and baby bag and as I nudged Noah down the aisle he fell to the ground wailing. I was the last person to board a full plane and with all eyes on me, most with kind and knowing smiles, I stated "I apologize in advance!!"

Half way through the flight I found that plastic cups were the secret to a content and giggling baby! It never ceases to amaze me how babies have very little interest in 'actual' toys but find joy in the everyday object. Its a trait that so many of us have lost as the years go by.

I have loved being here in Adelaide, back where I grew up, with friends and family who I have kept close to my heart. I have loved seeing people get to know Noah as the cute, funny and precocious little one he is and in particular, seeing my Nana (Dad's Mum) finding so much joy in playing with him.

She hates having her photo taken and will usually look away or cover her face who a camera is pointed in her direction. She has said that the wrinkles and blemishes that have developed over time on her face have stolen her youth and made her ugly but I see it differently.

She is one of the most generous people I know. She has spent her life in the service of others and she finds joy in her family. Watching them interact really warmed my heart and I had to grab the camera and test my invisibility skills so that she would allow me to freeze these images for Noah to enjoy in the future.