Monday, 5 November 2012

Pancake comas and shoulder rides

This morning when Regan got home from his surf, as he entered the door, he suggested we go out for breakfast. We hadn't been out for brekkie in a long time. So for the second time in 3 days we made our way to Pancakes on the Rocks for what had become brunch.

We fully intended to order off of the breakfast menu (Think eggs and bacon) but when the thoughts of ice cream and delicious chocolate sauce entered our minds, there was no stopping us from gorging ourselves on sugary goodness.

After we ate so much that we wanted to die, we ate some more, and then decided that we would roll outta there and make our way to the park. It was stinkin' hot and we lasted maybe 10 minutes before retreating to the car but that can be our little secret ;)



  1. Oh I love going out for breakfast! I could eat bacon and eggs at any time of the day. Pancakes too actually!
    Looks like a lovely weekend (despite the food coma). xx

  2. That kid of yours is pretty darn cute!