Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A day at The Bowerbird Bazaar ...

Over the weekend I decided to venture to the Adelaide Showgrounds where the Bowerbird Bazaar was held. I met up with my sister Kate and my sister-in-law, Freja and we spent the afternoon perusing the gorgeous stalls. We were kiddie free and so we did quite a few laps of the joint before we started buying.

It was so lovely to see such talented people in one venue and I loved talking about their craft. It was a little more up-market than we expected but with only $2 entry fee we had such a lovely time.

I met Fliss from Udder and she was so lovely! She has such beautiful childrens toys and clothing range. Sorry about my dodgy photo taking!

 This is Freja and Kate and they are awesome. I have been mistaken for Kate more than 3 times during this trip! You might have noticed her from her quilting blog.

 I bought a little package from the ladies at Hop Skip Jump. They are going to be running workshops in Adelaide and I wish that Ella could have sat down at this workshop as she looooves making toys. Hopefully I have the skills to help her make he little teardrop! Wish me luck!

We all bought stuff from Printspace but Kate and I both LOVED this poster and bought one for both of our nurseries.

 Can you tell we're sisters? ;)

 Katie couldn't resist buying this table cloth from Tinker by Printink. So jealous! Aren't their tea towels just too pretty to use!!

aaaaaaand being at the showgrounds I couldn't resist the ferris wheel shot!


  1. Oh my giddy aunt! Did you completely blow any form of budget?! All that gorgeousness...what a day you must have had. WIshing you the loveliest of Wednesdays.
    Steph :)

    1. Haha, I didn't actually spend too much but believe me if I didn't have to lug it all back to Sydney I might have bought A LOT more!!
      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Ellen xx

  2. ah i would be like a kid in a candy store there! love everything :)

  3. That looks so lovely. The tea towels really are gorgeous!

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