Monday, 1 October 2012

One year older and awesome too

To my Love,

I will always remember the first time we met just over 3 years ago. You saw me and gave me a big smile and a wave. You thought I was someone else in that moment (haha) but as the new girl from Adelaide, in my new home of Sydney, you were a kind face when I had very few friends. That first impression defined who you are to me, my safe place. We both kept our cool that night, you leant against the wall as I made sure I shared my attention around but our hearts raced as you casually asked me if I would be at the ball the next night.

From there we were inseparable, connected by some small invisible thread, hanging on each others words and spending hours together every. single. day. You would start work at 4am and sometimes you would forgo sleep just so we could could share our dreams and thoughts for just a little bit longer.

almost 2 weeks after we met, you told me you wanted  to be with me forever and the following night I stuttered out the words "I love you" for the very first time. Never before had I told a boyfriend that I loved them but this was real and tangible and as soon as the words left my trembling mouth you said it back in warp speed and kissed me.

You brought Ella and Noah into my life and made me a mother and for this I love you to the heavens. You are my rock and my strength. 2 and a half years ago you knelt across from me and promised that you would be mine forever and I you. You inspire me to be better, you are funny and goofy and you are incredibly handsome.

I love you more now than I ever have and I hope this year is better than all the years before.

Love forever and always,
Your loving wifey xx

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  1. How very romantic. It's sure been a busy three years for you two! Kellie xx