Tuesday, 30 October 2012

William: a blessing

You may think from the title of this post that I am talking about what a blessing he is to this young family. Well he is, but on Sunday this little man was was given a name and a blessing by his father, accompanied by some of the people who love him most.

Although I was not able to take pictures of the blessing, Krystal asked me to take photos with her family.

You see, her family doesn't live in Sydney. Her parents live in Port Pirie (SA), and her sisters live in Mt Gambier (SA) and Melbourne. This weekend was the first time that they had the opportunity to hold and love on little William.

You can see other photos of the Owen family here (maternity) and here (family shoot)


Friday, 26 October 2012

We met, we kissed, we married

Hello Lovelies!!

The weekend is finally upon us and so I thought I would show you this quick little present that I made for my love on his birthday.

I got this idea from Pinterest and I have wanted to do this for a little while but when I saw a friend of mine (Cassie) had done it, it gave me the final push to do it.

Its a frame with 3 maps in it.

One with the place where we met, The chapel, where I walked in and he waved and smiled at me.

One with the place we kissed, in the car at the top of my sister's driveway. I had been dying to kiss him and when I went to get out of the car, he pulled me back and kissed me.

One where we were married. We were sealed together in the Adelaide temple for eternity in what was the best and most special moment of my life.

I love that it hangs in our home as a constant reminder of our journey.

Monday, 22 October 2012

A few stills and a call for a killer dessert recipe

 Good morning friends!

This Monday morning I'm spending time with Noah, reading him books, playing peek-a-boo, and I'm going to nuzzle my nose in behind his edible little ear and live there forever.

I am itching to take photos today so I might even go in search of someone willing to have their photos taken. Tonight we are having dinner with friends and I'm going to make a dessert but I'm undecided on what I should make.

I want to try baking something new so if you have a killer recipe that you would recommend then please please please help a mother out and send it my way!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A very special meeting

Last week, a long anticipated moment happened.

My parents have spent the last 18 months serving the people of Kemi, Finland. They served a mission for our church and laboured in sharing the gospel but more so in serving and helping the people over there. They left when I was 4 months through my pregnancy and it hit me hard that they wouldn't be able to meet him until he was 14 months old. Skype made the distance considerably smaller but I still couldn't wait for them to meet him and for him to get to know how awesome it is to be loved by my parents.

We have a tradition in our with the grandchildren in our family, that on their first birthday, my parents give them a beautiful jointed bear. They just happened to pick Noah's bear up in France and so we named him Pierre the Bear. I had to snap these really special moments as they were able to snuggle and coo and bond like they were never apart. At the first meeting Noah was a bit stand offish but it did not take long for them to feel that familiar connection that family feels. Plus it didn't hurt that they were the givers of lollies and chocolate ;)

We got to spend 5 lovely days together before they headed back home to Adelaide but I will be down in Adelaide next month to do a photo shoot and I'll be staying down there for 1 week and a half