Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spring has sprung

Yesterday was heavenly. Once again we packed up the car early and headed down to the beach where we splashed in the white wash and then after dropping Regan at work, me and the kids headed over to my sister, Rebecca's house.

She lives on the most charming 5 acre property in Cawdor, filled with a million quaint spaces to photograph. I now know why people say to never work with children or animals and yesterday I did both but I must say that they tend to be the cutest subjects and so much fun.

My niece, who is 5 years younger than me just happened to drive up as I was shooting so I got her involved in the posing fun :)

This one at the top was taken by Regan and I just had to share it.



  1. Those photos are gorgeous Ellen, as are all your pics. They are so peacefully and happy and pure. Glad your making the most if your skills....and capturing beautiful memories. Xx

  2. I'm more than a little envious of all that sunshine!! It's sunny here in Melbourne but the temperature is still lurking in the mid-teens. Bring on summer I say! x

  3. Beauitul, beautiful, beautiful! Love me a bit of sunshine flair and pretty properties! I cannot wait for the weather to be warm all the time- so ready for it :) xx