Monday, 3 September 2012

My life in instagram photos and a decision

Life has been hectic lately. Noah has found a new level of activity, Regan's back has regressed and is unable to do anything without pain and is about to undergo surgery on his leg to get his varicose veins stripped. Plus I have been so swept up in taking photos but one thing that took me very unexpectedly was the wave of inadequacy and perfectionism that has come over me since putting the photos out there. I have checked repeatedly to see what comments people leave here and on Facebook to check if people like them and I have found the joy within taking photos slip away just as quickly as it came.subconsciously I read into lack of comments as lack of my talent.
So after talking at length with Regan I have decided that I will be taking a break from blogging photo shoots for a while.
I might put up the last installment of the wedding I did but after that I need to take some time and just feel the love of taking photographs for the joy of it and not worry about reassurance.

With that said, here are some instagram photos of recent times :)


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes when you put yourself out there creatively it leaves you feeling a little vunerable. So, I want to give you a little reassurance that your photos are beautiful and one talented little lady! And I want to be better at actually leaving the love when I come and drool over them :) Good on you make the descision just for you and your cute family. I hope that things go well and start to settle down over in the House of Arthur.

    Much love & light xxx

  2. Ellen: I have been reading this and I can relate, even thouhg I am an "old" lady. I love to paint, I would paint all day and forget to eat if my body would let me. I have had the same feeling of inadequacy in the past because no one commented on "how talented" I was or how they "like" my paintings. It seemed I needed that encouragement. However, I realized that I was painting for me, really soley for me, I could not leave it alone, I just HAD to paint. So I realized that art is very subjective, some like what I do, some don't care one way or the other and some could care less about my style. This is how it should be with your lovely photography. I have seen your work and would encourage you to continue to blog and photograph and just be yourself. You are doing it for you and will gauge your improvement as you go along not measuring yourself beside anyone else but just improving yourself. Go for it and continue and you will be great. Don't let discouragement stop you EVER!!!!