Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mothers group

For about a year now I have been attending a mothers group with about 8 other women. I still remember all of us timidly walking in with our very new babies and leaving then with some volunteer baby sitters while we learnt new skills and shared our stories with each other. We soon found that our stories were so different but that we were sitting in the same boat. This was them back then.

Now a year later our kids are unstoppable and will not sit still so instead of meeting at our houses we usually meet at the park. What was once weekly has turned into a monthly thing as our lives have evolved. Not all of the mothers and babies were there yesterday and we were only able to go for part of it but I took my camera along to take a few snap shots

This first one absolutely cracks me up. Izzy went in for the kill with her hand on his leg and her lips pouted. He obviously never got the memo that he was meant to go 90% and she has to go 10%


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