Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wedding: Joanne and Vince - Part 1

On Saturday, exactly 2 weeks since I learnt how to use my camera, I shot a wedding! equipped with a Canon 600D and a 60 D, one lense (50mm f1.8), no flash and no helpers I set off to capture the day. With no other experience other than the few photo shoots I had done in the previous 2 weeks and with 2 days notice I left my kids with my husband and with butterflies in my tummy I entered Joanne and Vince's house where Joanne sat getting ready.
The house was abuzz with activity. This was a house filled with family and bridesmaids and page boys and flower girls. By the time she was ready there was about 40 people standing in the front yard and I see it as a testiment to the love within this family.
So here are the images of The bridal party getting ready. Stay tuned for more.




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